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Thread: Original Amstrad Keyboard

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    Default Original Amstrad Keyboard


    I have a french Amstrad 1640PC and I would really like to swap that awful AZERTY keyboard for an english or portuguese version.
    I looked on ebay and there's someone selling this keyboard:


    It's layout is different from mine and all other 1640PC keyboards (I think?) but the plug looks to be the same.
    Do you think that this will work on my PC? Does anyone know what system this belongs to?
    Would be bery grateful if anybody could help me out!


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    No it won't work.
    I have Amstrad 1640.

    The Amstrad 1640/1512 have their own protocol so only an original keyboard will work.
    Somebody needs to develop a converter as it is the case with XT IBM 5150/5160 and clones. There are several converters because the protocol is already known.
    But for the Amstrad I am not aware of a working converter. I would like to have one also. In theory it is possible to make one with Arduino for example (if the public information for the Amstrad protocol is indeed correct).

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    There is a possibility that it might work - it looks to be a DIN270 connector used by Amstrad rather than a DIN180 as the AT interface uses. AFAIK the PC2000/3000 series (or at least the 8086 models) did carry over the weird proprietary keyboard interface, they just extended it to 102 keys. The keyboards should be interchangeable (although I doubt the extra keys will work).

    I know later Amstrads did use an AT interface but I thought they switched to the standard connector at the same time?

    That said, the original keyboard IMO looks best with it and it does have a couple of advantages (forward delete key and the built in Atari standard joystick interface). Original UK layout keyboards do turn up fairly regularly on eBay, I'd just keep an eye out for one (a 1512 keyboard will do, there is no difference at all apart from the label on the top).

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