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Thread: Wanting to buy GRiD 1660C, 1680, 1680C, or Panasonic CF-480

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    Well, slap my face and call me stupid. After getting the chance to compare decent images of the Grid 1660 and the 1680, I was convinced it was a GRiD only derivative, since the case was nearly identical, and because GRiD had released the last Matsushita derivative they made, the GRiD 4025NC (before being purchased by a UK company and becoming GriD Defence Systems U.K. LTD, which still exists to this day and still makes military grade IT hardware) in the same year as the 1680, which was of the previous case design, the GRiD 1660. That means that Matsushita made a model that was nearly as powerful as its next "new" model, using the case and design of it's then current model, and released it in the same year. That just makes no sense to me. I can't imagine what they were thinking.

    As a side note, that makes the 1680C a tie with the 4025NC for the most powerful GRiD laptop ever made by the US company.

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    I certainly hope to not slap you in the face or imply you're stupid! On the contrary, I very much appreciate you working with me on digging up info about these oddly obscure laptop models, and got curious about another potential model and poked around the internet once more. I happened to already know it wasn't GRiD specific simply because I happen to own a Siemens-Nixdorf Matsushita derivative with some characteristics of the 1680, which I'm somewhat proud to say is rare in it's own right.


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