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Thread: Replacement pins for TRS-80 Model 3 FDC port

  1. Default Replacement pins for TRS-80 Model 3 FDC port

    Hello, I have a Model 3 motherboard where the data port for the FDC flat cable has pins which have broken from the socket to the motherboard. I removed the bad socket, however I need to find a replacement. Either an entire socket to re-solder, or if anyone knows what the little metal pins are that push into the socket. They have a prong that sticks out the back of the plastic housing and the front of them is where the cable contact slides in. If I can find them, I could replace them in the socket I have and then re-solder it to the board.

    Does anyone know what the socket is called, or where I could find it or the pins? Thank you so much!

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    Are you speaking about the 20 pins idc connector on the motherboard ? (where flat cable connects to motherboard?)
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