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    I am putting my computer collection up for sale. It was actually a "mini" museum I had in a small space, but unfortunately I must move on from this hobby for personal reasons. I would like to sell this all as one lot and not piece everything out. If you are interested, please make an offer. Note: You will need to rent a forklift or have a truck with a tommy gate or something to get the IBM. It weighs about 700 lbs. I forked it on and off a car trailer. These are located in Yuma, Arizona. Here's what I have (on the top of my head). If you are serious, I can go more in depth with the descriptions/pictures (e-mail me). Alot of the pieces are untested as I don't have a variac and don't wanna blow anything up. Here's what I got, what you see is what you get:

    -IBM System/34. Never fired it up. Has a few floppy disks, operating manual, and a box of cords. I have a total of 3 terminals and 1 good keyboard and one that is maybe missing a key. This unit was used in a manufacturing plant here in Yuma. It has long cables as terminals were in different parts of the office.

    -Atari 1040ST with mouse and Atari SC1224 Monitor. Both untested.

    -C64 with two floppy drives and a tape drive. Untested. Okidata printer in box also untested.

    -Commodore 128D with keyboard. Im pretty sure it works, haven't turned it on in a while.

    -Commodore CBM 8032 "PET" and Model 4040 floppy drive (untested). The PET turns on and works just fine. I think it had some sort of board add-on as well.

    -Monroe OC 8828. Untested.

    -Mac SE FDHD, Mac SE, and Mac Plus. Untested. I may have an aftermarket tote bag somewhere for the Plus.

    -Compaq Presario 2266 with Windows 98. Also freezes on Compaq starup screen first time but then boots up the second time.

    -eMac with keyboard and mouse. Works fine.

    -iMac. No keyboard or mouse but it works fine.

    -IBM 5150 w/monochrome monitor. Untested.

    -IBM PC XT (5160) with color monitor. Untested.

    -Mac Laserwriter II. Untested.

    -Mac Performa 6360. I don't think it works, can't remember.

    -Mac PowerPC / Power Mac 8600/250. Used to work, used it to get online and everything. Stopped working one day. Bummer.

    -Mac 512k FatMac, Has a hyperdrive case but not the internals. Does work, but I think floppy drive doesn't. External floppy drive (untested), mouse, keyboard, and hard to find external keypad.

    -Mac Classic, Used to work but now boots up to grey screen. Has SyQuest drive and external hdd that I could never get to connect. Also with keyboard and mouse and external untested floppy drive.

    -Mac llci with monitor and trackball. Missing internal pieces.

    -Macquarium and IBM software (for the PC XT I believe).

    -Commodore 784D Calculator. I think it "kinda" works.

    -Processors (untested): intel 8086, MOS 6502, intel 80286, 80386, 80486 SX, Pentium, Pentium II (cartridge and chip), Pentium III, Pentium 4, and Intel Atom.

    -Sega Genisis. Nintendo system not for sale (not mine)

    -Vic 20 (works) with drives and software.

    -Various softwares and peripherals, books.

    -I have boxes of extra stuff as well.

    -Soroc IQ 150 terminal, works. As far as I can tell, the only one around. Note: IMSAI may or may not be included. It was donated to me, so I have to see if the original owner wants it back or not.
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    You're probably going to have a hard time selling it as one lot, especially since someone would have to come and get it all.

    That said, I am certainly interested in the IBM/PC things and would be willing to co-ordinate pickup and distribution of the items from Yuma to the hands of collectors who are interested. Anyone on here want to consider this and go in with me? Jordan would you be willing to consider this if we can make sure the things land in the hands of collectors and not flippers?

    That IBM terminal concerns me the most. It is a beam spring keyboard, and there are going to keyboard fanatics chomping at the bit to get it and pull it apart for the switch and then toss everything else. I REALLY do not want to see that happen.

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    If I were not 2000 miles away, I would take the S/34 in a heartbeat to go with my S/36. Sadly, however, I wouldn't be able to offer you anywhere close to the money needed to save it and the 5250 terminal verses the money someone else will pay to essentially destroy it (USB conversion). I would contract a freight company to deliver it, but you'd likely get a much better offer locally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lutiana View Post
    That IBM terminal concerns me the most. It is a beam spring keyboard, and there are going to keyboard fanatics chomping at the bit to get it and pull it apart for the switch and then toss everything else. I REALLY do not want to see that happen.
    I can't agree enough with this, you should try to keep the terminal the the computer together to help prevent this. Keyboard nutters are crazy for these. I'm not familiar with the IBM/34, would it be possible to remove the contents from the racks inside to make it humanly liftable? I did that recently when I picked up some Data General stuff that was also about 700lbs total to fit it in a van.

    I'm in Chandler AZ and would love to make an offer but unfortunately my vintage computer budget is running dry right now. Yuma is still fairly far from me being about 3hrs away, San Diego is actually closer if there is anyone one there who's interested. If you do get to the point where you have to break it up I have been hunting for an Atari ST for a while and I'm also a calculator collector and the Commodore is a cool example. I might be able to make an offer on those.

    I thought the Monroe 8828 name sounded familiar, I saw a listing for that in Yuma some time ago. I'm guessing you nabbed it? There wasn't a lot of info out there but if I remember, I think that was a CP/M machine that needed a custom version.

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    pity not local, otherwise I do eat up that 128D in a flash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorkbert View Post
    pity not local, otherwise I do eat up that 128D in a flash.
    I know how you feel.

    Personally, I'd be willing to drive for that XT. Really love all the documentation it has.
    Looking for: IBM dot matrix printer, 1986 silver badge model M, EMS ISA memory cards

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    If it weren't 1200 miles away, I'd go for the Mac SE FDHD. The one I bought here a few months ago is junk, it'd help me make one good one from two units.


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