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Thread: images off 8 inch SS/SD floppies

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    Default FM Boot Track 0 with MFM Tracks {01.. 76}

    I just asked Keir about the GreaseWeazle's capability to write the FM (26 X 128) byte
    Sectors for the Boot Track, and then finish the remainder of the Tracks (01..76) as MFM
    (26 X 256). He said the best thing to do was write Track 0 as FM, then write the
    remaining sectors as MFM (26 x 256). It's not automatic with the GreaseWeazle.

    That's easy enough to do with the GreaseWeazle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by new_castle_j View Post
    Never heard of the FluxEngine until just now, and I'm impressed. Apart from reading a disk and making an image, can the FluxEngine transfer files off of floppies and onto my modern computer?
    Typically, that is another step. First you get images of the floppies into files on your modern computer. Next you have tools (mtools, cpmtools and others) that use these images, they can do a directory listing, extract files and possible write new files to the image.
    This is common for all "flux readers" that I have tried.

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