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Thread: PDP-11/05 Console USB Adapter

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    Default PDP-11/05 Console USB Adapter

    For those 11/05 enthusiasts among us, I'm happy to announce the first release of my PDP-11/05 Console USB Adapter project.

    Inspired by Jörg Hoppe's RS232 adapter, my console adapter provides a simple way to connect a PDP-11/05 to a modern USB-capable host. It provides a number of convenient features, including:

    • External baud rate generator (allows baud rates higher than 2400)
    • Adjustable baud rate (from 1200 to 38400 baud)
    • Auto-baud selection from the USB host
    • Single component design (just a Teensy USB dev board plus a connector)

    The adapter also includes an experimental paper tape reader emulation mode which I hope to add supporting software for in the near future.

    All software and documentation is open source. Please check it out on github:


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