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Thread: WTB: Apple IIGS (A2M6014) and Commodore 1080 to 1085 monitor

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    Default WTB: Apple IIGS (A2M6014) and Commodore 1080 to 1085 monitor

    Looking for either one of these. Would be happy to pick up in New England, (anywhere in MA, CT, RI, Southern VT, NH, ME). Would consider shipping but I've had bad luck with CRTs shipped. For the Commodore anything with switchable digital\analog RGB would be fine.

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    I have a good clean ROM1 Woz edition with a GGLabs 8mb RAM card that I've been thinking about selling or trading off. The clock battery has been diked out and has not been replaced, but I could solder in a 3AA enclosure if you wanted. It's only the base unit though. No monitor or disk drives. I have a keyboard and mouse from another machine that could go with it, but they are pretty dirty.

    I also have the Apple RAM card (fully populated) and the AE 3mb card if you're not interested in the GGLabs one. The GGLabs card *seems* to work fine in both of the ROM1 boxen I've tried it in, but it did not work in my main ROM3 box.

    To be honest with you, it's way cheaper to just wait and grab a system that comes with monitor and/or disk drives than to try to piece them together separately. But if you are interested in what I've got, please feel free to PM me with a cash or trade offer. I am definitely more interested in trades than I am in cash.
    -- Lee
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