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Thread: TRS-80 Model III Free to a Good Home

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    Default TRS-80 Model III Free to a Good Home

    Free to a Good Home!
    TRS-80 Model III computer in good working order plus daisy wheel printer and software.
    If you are willing to travel to Montgomery County, Maryland, to pick it up, it's yours.
    For more info, please contact me at
    TRS-80 Model III Computer
    Extras: antiglare screen overlay; dustcover
    Daisy Wheel Printer DW 210
    Extras: connector cable; tractor feed; dustcover; Pica and Elite wheels; 6 ink cartridges (ribbons)
    Model III TRSDOS Disk Operating System and Basic Interpreter #26-0312
    Documentation: Disk System Owner's Manual
    Documentation: Start-Up Card
    Profile III Plus #26-1592
    Creation Diskette and Runtime Diskette
    Documentation: Software Library Binder
    Documentation Help: Crest Software's "PLUS EXPLAINED"
    Superscripsit #26-1590
    Diskette for Proofread Program
    Documentation: Software Library Binder
    Documentation: Superscripsit Reference Manual
    Documentation: Card of most used actions
    VisiCalc #26-1569
    Documentation: Personal Software VISICALC binder
    Zork diskette and documentation #26-1951
    Monty Plays Monopoly diskette #26-1952

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    Oh man, I was driving through Maryland today heading back home from Texas! Wish I had seen this earlier!

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    Ill want it but I am in Texas.. shame I dont have time to drive up to fetch it. oh well I am sure it will find a nice home locally
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