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Thread: Does anyone remember this Japanese demo...

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    Default Does anyone remember this Japanese demo...

    Not sure my memory is even good on it. I was on a US base in Japan in 1982 and off base you could see the computers that were sold in shops and so on. I remember this demo which was essentially circles being draw on the screen, but not perfect circles more like a maze where the circle being draw increases its diameter so that as it goes around it makes a spiral that repeats and repeats. Anyway, I remember it starting with a blank screen an drawing out the spiral,, then it was go back and add more color to it like perhaps drawing a new spiral. I had a NEC PC-6001 back then so I was interested in other NEC offerings so it might have been a PC-8000 series, but part of me wonders if it was another brand like Sanyo or something. It was certainly part of a demo to show off the computer's capabilities and I remember seeing it run in different stores. Does anyone remember something like this?

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    Going to take a wild guess and say it's this? >>
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    Good thought, but that isn't it unfortunately. I am pretty sure it wasn't the PC-6001. I think the system had an external disk drive, but I could be wrong.

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    The first PC-98 came out in late 1982, so it could have been PC-9801... MSX wasn't really out until the end of 1983, so not likely that.

    If it was earlier in 1982, it was more likely PC-8801 as you mentioned.
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