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Thread: Heathkit H88

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    Default Heathkit H88

    Hi there,

    I have a dead Heathkit H88 that I'm working to restore. It powers on, but the screen fills with = characters and it doesn't accept any input.

    I have it disassembled, but I'm trying to find some documentation about an upgrade it has - it has a chip marked FONT 19 tm#P002 (c) 1982. That appears to be a font ROM upgrade for the H19 terminal board, but finding documentation for that seems to be impossible.

    If nothing else, I may reverse the modification it has and restore it to stock.

    My initial goal was to test all the ROMs and the RAM in it to see if that's the cause to begin with.

    Also, does anyone have an suggestions for an EPROM reader/burner for HN462532G chips? I have a TL866-II, but it says it does not support these chips.


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    you should ask the SEBHC google group.

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