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Thread: PDP8/F new toy, knobs wanted

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    Quote Originally Posted by wa2flq View Post
    I suggest you considering using the nearby screw on the capacitor with a crimp terminal tongue connector instead.
    I would also use a 2 pin inline connector pair for the extra wires, so that the regulator assembly can still be removed without needing to remove the wiring harness from the backplane.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDS View Post
    I have seen reports of 3D printing filament made to the customers Pantone choice. I haven't ordered any so have no knowledge of how successful they are at hitting the exact shade.
    I looked into this once I had made them in silver PLA that I found acceptable. You can get any Pantone color you want but the minimum order of filament is something like 10 kg. Since the handles use a little less than 4 grams that makes 2500 handles of each color. I was able to find off the shelf colors of the dark and sky blue colors I needed for the DECset 8000. I didn't try to match the color of the original handles. I tried to match the colors on the front panel.

    There are so many manufacturers of PLA and for the 8/e machines I think it should be possible to find a close enough orange and yellow. I ended up using ColorFabb Sky Blue and MatterHackers Midnight Blue. I doubt you will need to go to custom colors to get something very usable. These were on the high end of the cost because both are considered premium brands. Between $40 and $50 for a kilogram each. More typical is between $20 and $30 for a kilo.

    I attached one photo here. It should be obvious from the mold lines which is the original handle. The 3D printed parts look a lot better than they do in this photo. The surface you perceive for the top visible face of the handle is shiny (you cant see this in the photo) because it was printed facing the glass bed. Again, the colors I selected were to match the colors on the panel. I found the original dark blue to clash with the panel color which is a very close match to the colors I selected.

    See the handle replacement thread which I will update with a few more photos later today.

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