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Thread: ZX Spectrum Tuning Issue

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    Default ZX Spectrum Tuning Issue

    Hi folks, I have a ZX81 and a ZX Spectrum. To cut a long story short I can tune an old CRT TV into the ZX81 (picture is poor but I'm working on it), however I have modified the Spectrum to work on modern TVs - which it does. Now here's the thing. I can't now get the Spectrum to run on this old TV - however, I have a Commodore 64 which will via its RF output! I use channel 36 and both the ZX81 and C64 both work on the TV. Is the fact that the Spectrum won't work now on this TV due to the modification to composite output? Any help would be gratefully received!

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    I don't think we know enough to answer your question -- i.e., what's the exact mod?

    You can use an external RF modulator if necessary. (An old VCR will work.)

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    Yes, we would need to know exactly what your modification was to advise you.


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    Did you try using composite that would help..
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