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Thread: So are prices for vintage machines going to drop like a rock now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown_K View Post
    Specific brands and models go up and down all the time with respect to supply and demand, but the hobby in general seemed to be getting more expensive in the last few years not cheaper.

    You can point out Apple II prices might have peeked a while ago but other things like 3dfx graphics cards seem to have gone up quite a bit. Apple IIgs pricing seems to have been decent lately.
    Well certainly some things have gone up. When I started collecting in the mid 90s, you couldn't give a Tandy 1000 away. Now those are going for up to a few hundred, which is bizarre to me as a contemporaneous user.

    However back in the early 2000s, when those were still in the tank, I remember other stuff going for huge bucks. Osbornes, Ataris, etc... anything novel to those of us that pretty much lived the Commodore/IBM paradigm back in the day. The market has gone *way* down as more and more of that has hit the streets.

    I track Apple II prices religiously - the Rev 0 has not moved up in value in years ($4-6k has been the norm for a while now), everything under it has declined. Altairs have been going up.

    I don't know. Hard to make predictions. But if I had to lay money on it, long term I'm betting on these three things: 1) more supply 2) collectors passing on without enough replacements and 3) ALL of this stuff eventually becoming doorstops as components, many irreplaceable, die.

    And if the economy tanks, as it very well might... vintage computers are going to be looking awfully superfluous.

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    I think the retro YouTubers have helped increase the demand of a lot of these things recently. Specifically the Tandy machines.

    I'm actually not sure why the Altair prices are so high, since those are a sightly older nostalgia group, those who might be wanting to start saving money for retirement.
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