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Thread: Wanted: HP Vectra VL 6/400 Series 8 DT "D5882T" Pentium II PC

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    Lightbulb Wanted: HP Vectra VL 6/400 Series 8 DT "D5882T" Pentium II PC

    Hello. I am looking for an HP Vectra VL 6/400 Series 8 DT computer. System number: D5882T. It's a Pentium II desktop PC.
    Personally I'd consider Pentium II stuff to be the last relevant era to this forum but sadly I think most would disagree that's why I'm posting in the Off Topic Marketplace. So offer me those unwanted Pentium II HPs you have
    • Computers I'm looking for: Olivetti M380-40 • Olivetti M486 • Olivetti M6 620 suprema • HP Vectra VL 6/400

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    A lot of the later HP Vectra VL systems used similar desktop cases, but the motherboards were anything but HP. I've given a few of those away, but kept the desktop cases. I think I still have a made-by-FIC Intel 820 (RDRAM) motherboard from a VL. I may have others; none is made by HP. Nothing to write home about.

    I use a genuine Vectra VL400 PII minitower that's all HP (made in France; uses a proprietary vertical motherboard and horizontal slot board with both PCI and ISA slots. I run a 1.4GHz Celeron with a slocket in it. Curious thing is that it will take either normal "naked" SDRAM or registered buffered server SDRAM. Not a bad system.


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