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Thread: GRID Parts, Manuals, Cables and Logo Accessory Bags

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    Default GRID Parts, Manuals, Cables and Logo Accessory Bags

    Hey all GRID lovers.
    I bought a sizeable collection of GRID computers and accessory parts several years ago from a deaf Iraq War veteran.
    I sold off the computers (except for a choice working GridCase II with the red Plasma Screen) last year at the VCM-MW show in Chicago (Vintage Computer Fest-MidWest).
    I still have a number of hard to find GRID A/C Power Adapters, Manuals, cables and floppy software that I need to part with and I'll offer them in the Sale section of the Forum if anyone shows an interest here.
    Items include:
    - one NiCad Battery P25/93
    - one GRID Touch-Screen Pen
    - GRID Convertible 486 Accessory Bag with User Guide, Windows 3.1 OS software and accessory software diskettes, Internal Modem User's Guide, Printer cable and Modem to phone Cable.
    - ITE 5V Power Supply
    - GRID 12-17V A/C Adapter #G25-5119 with round 4 pin connector plug
    - ASTEC DC 16V Power Supply #SA25-3109-585, with 8 pin connector modified to work with certain GRIDs.
    - GRID 17.25V Power Supply #106286-00 with one-hole round connector.
    - GRID "Windows User's Guide for Pen Computing"
    - GRID "Internal Modem User's Guide"
    - GRID "386 MAX User's Guide and Reference"
    - GRID "Windows 3.0 User's Guide Vols. 1, 2 & 3
    - a few Misc. Cables
    I have a few dozen photos of the above items that I can post, but I'll have to resize them before they can be attached here.
    - John

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    Which pen is it, and i might be interested in the GRID 12-17V A/C Adapter #G25-5119 with round 4 pin connector plug

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    Can anyone tell me how to edit my original posting above?
    I don't see any EDIT button anywhere and I'm logged in.

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    Editing posts is time-limited. Don't worry about it; simply add another post with updated / corrected information.
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