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Thread: S-100 boards and mainframe in SoCal area

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    Post S-100 boards and mainframe in SoCal area


    I have a bunch of S100 PCBs (memory, I/O, interfaces,...), many of which include documentation. All were operational prior to being boxed (several years ago), and still appear to be in good condition. I also have a Northstar mainframe (i.e., chassis, linear P/S, motherboard, 5.25" floppy, but no top cover).

    I am enquiring with several people I have found on the Web, hoping to find one or more interested parties. I have considered posting them on eBay; but thought that I'd check a few specific places first.

    These items are located in Southern California; so shipping outside that area may be a (minor) concern. At the very minimum, I am interested in recovering the cost for S/H; but would prefer to get a bit more to help with my purchasing a new laptop.

    If you are interested in some or all of the S100 items, please respond to me at "w6nctNOSPAM at"? I will also try to poll this forum occasionally; but probably not as often as checking my eMail.

    If I get any/enough interest, I will work on composing a more detailed inventory and perhaps some photos.

    If you are not interested, but you are aware of other individuals or groups that might be, please forward this information on to them.



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    Hi Vern,
    Thanks for posting here first! I am certainly interested. I'll bet others will be too.

    At the moment, I am restoring a NorthStar Horizon which has been dreadfully mistreated and I could use some spare parts. Pretty much any of the S-100 cards you mentioned especially a ZPB-A2 CPU or MDS-A-D floppy controller boards. My case (not the wooded cover which is OK) has some damage as well.

    Would you please post some photos?


    Andrew Lynch

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    Default S-100 boards and mainframe... (update)

    Thank-you for the several responses of interest. It seems that it now makes sense for me to take the next step in collecting everything together, pairing hardware with their documents, and taking pictures (etc.).

    I'm located in Southern California; but shipping (to continental US) should not pose a major problem. In the past, I have had success itemizing things like this on a custom, temporary, Yahoo Group. There I can easily post pictures and exchange messages with interested parties (without overloading groups like this). Then we'll see how it goes.

    I'll post another update to this thread when the site is up, so you can browse the photos and information, and let me know what you think.

    In the mean-time, here's a preliminary list of the hardware:

    16KZ RAM card, fully populated with Instruction Manual

    NorthStar chassis:
    12 slot with linear power supply, but missing wood cover and drives

    Northstar PCBs:
    ZPB-A2 Z80A CPU card
    HRZ HD5 hard disk controller
    MDS R-25060 floppy disk controller
    HRAM 64K memory, fully populated

    PolyMorphic PCBs:
    Video terminal + keyboard interface

    SolidState Music (SSM) PCBs:
    Video interface
    IO4 - I/O interface (2 serial, 16-bit parallel in, 16-bit parallel)

    SD Systems PCBs:
    ExpandoRam II (fully populated)
    VersaFloppy - floppy disk controller

    Vector Graphics PCBs:
    Z80 CPU card
    8080 CPU card
    8KB Static Ram card (quantity = 2)
    ProtoBoard PCB (quantity = 8, two have some circuitry)

    Ithaca Audio PCBs:
    IA-1010 (bare PCB)

    ComputerWatch PCBs:
    Clock/Calendar (Real-time clock)

    ADES PCBs and documents:
    PS100 - I/O interface card (quantity = 2, one fully populated one bare)
    ASP-PSHA - Host adapter for Gypsy Disk/tape controller
    Gypsy/P - disk/tape controller
    (for Priam Tape drive, interfaces to S100 via ASP-PSHA)

    IBIS PCBs:
    DTC Host Adapter - custom parallel port interface

    Jade PCBs:
    memory card (fully populated, capacity = ?)

    Malibu PCBs:
    PROM-IO - PROM and Parallel port printer interface

    Bob Mullen PCBs:
    TB4 - Extender card with logic probe (not available alone)

    Vector Electronics PCBs:
    backplane - bare PCB, 11 slot, active

    Thank-you for your interest; hopefully we can find new homes for all of these goodies...

    <<< vern >>>

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    UPDATE: As promised, I have established the temporary Yahoo site with photos and other information about the items that I am looking to sell/trade/.... Most of the current items listed relate to S-100 buss computers; but a few do not.

    If you are interested, please check out the site at "".

    Thank-you for your patience.

    <<< vern >>>

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    Right up your alley, Andrew...I love it when a deal comes together...

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