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Thread: 2 items, Last laptop w/on-board parallel & serial port and help on old post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruud View Post
    I am satisfied. But that didn't keep me from looking for yet another laptop but I didn't find anything newer or better.
    I got lucky and found a D610 local to me and it is working. But I agree with you. If I can find a newer & more powerful laptop with an onboard parallel and serial, I'd like to try it.

    According to info I found on the 'net, the D610 was originally released in 2005. If anyone knows of a laptop with an onboard parallel and serial port released later than 2005, please let us know. Thanks,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruud View Post
    I have a Elnec LabProg+ universal programmer that has to be connected to the LPT port. When I bought a new Asus laptop in 2010, the old one died, I completely forgot about the LPT port until it was too late. I tried USB-to-LPT and an Express-bus card with LPT but those didn't work. I needed the programmer when visiting computer meetings and hauling a PC there was a bit too much. So at the end I was able to find a D610.
    One thing about ExpressCard slots is that they provide both USB and PCI Express interfaces. If an ExpressCard adapter uses the USB interface instead of the PCI Express interface it won't be any better than a device which plugs into a regular USB port.

    I have a SYBA SD-EXP50021 ExpressCard/34 which uses a Moschip / ASIX MCS9901 - PCIe to Dual Serial and Single Parallel Controller to provide a true legacy style LPT port. Using that I was able to use an old LPT interface Altera ByteBlaster. Unfortunately the SD-EXP50021 was discontinued a while ago and don't appear to be available anywhere now. Without looking around I don't know of other ExpressCard adapters which use a PCIe interface such as the MCS9901 for the LPT port. Are there any modern laptops which still provide an ExpressCard slot?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gslick View Post
    Are there any modern laptops which still provide an ExpressCard slot?
    When the screen of the laptop w/o the LPT interface died on me, I bought another one. That was about 2015. Couldn't find one with an ExpressCard slot any more. But having the D610 now, I could live with it.
    With kind regards / met vriendelijke groet, Ruud Baltissen

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    Compaq made a Core 2 Duo laptop which had both a Parallel and Serial port built in called the nc6320.

    The best you can equip the laptop is 4 GB of RAM and a T7600 CPU running at 2.33 GHz. Still considerably faster than any D610.

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    They're certainly reasonably priced.
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