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Thread: NoEss - proxy that delivers over plain HTTP

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    Default NoEss - proxy that delivers over plain HTTP

    Older browsers are being blocked by many sites by way of TLS requirements. Annoying to say the least. So why not a proxy that intercepts the browser request and then fetches the document on its behalf, using whatever secret handshakes are necessary?

    This is what I have done using CURL 7.53.1 as the backend to load the content. Tested on Windows 2000 (Ex) with Opera 9.25. I just run NoEss, configure Opera with an HTTP proxy at port 20480, then type in the URL bar.

    The proxy should be able to run on a separate machine from the browser but I didn't test this. CURL should be in the same directory as NoEss or somewhere in the %PATH%

    It only does HTTP GET. Nothing else. Returned files are filtered to replace all HTTPS links with HTTP ones so that subsequent requests (style sheets, etc.) will also go through. CURL follows the redirect to the HTTPS when it makes the real request. The proxy always responds with Content-Type: text/html so images/etc. may not load (or may be corrupted by the filtering). Don't expect much from a 6KB program

    Obviously, everyone should be aware that this is not "secure" as the whole point of it is to break free of such "security" measures.

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    Might be ann idea to upload to somewhere like GITHUB...

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    hmmm... I can't edit my post?

    Anyway, maybe I shouldn't have posted this yet. I just realized some routines were not safe for multithreading, weird stuff could happen...

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    What about using a User Agent Changer or Spoofer?
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    Archive was just updated with fixes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    What about using a User Agent Changer or Spoofer?
    That is a completely separate issue...


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