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Thread: FS: HP Portable 110, 110 Plus, and printer

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    Default FS: HP Portable 110, 110 Plus, and printer

    Finally going to let this piece go. Its very pretty and has a lovely sounding keyboard and latch. But it doesn't do much and I need to downsize.
    It works great except for the battery! Includes HP-IL cable, carrying case, and power adapter with box. Asking $100+shipping:

    I'm also selling a printer I have for it, it's HP-IL but I never got it to work, considering the power adapter plugs into the battery, I think the battery is probably dead. You should buy both the Portable 110 Plus and the printer, then you'll have a power adapter and HP-IL cable for the printer Asking $10+shipping:

    Lastly I'm selling a 110 non-Plus. It hasn't booted since I got it, when you press the reset button on the back it blinks a couple lines on the screen and thats it. Includes carrying case but nothing else. Asking $40+shipping:

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    All three items have been sold locally!


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