I have been looking to add some items to my collection:

Compaq SystemPro. I have been looking to add one of these to my Proliant collection. I mostly have the Pentium Pro based 5000 units. I love Compaq and have been a fan for at least 20 years.

AT&T 6386 WGS. I grew up learning dos 3.3 on this computer. It was owned by my oldest brother who was going to CWRU back in 1988. I always thought it was a nice machine with a unique look. I learned many years later the design was from Olivetti. When the power supply died in 95 my brother got rid of it. I saved the ESDI drive and controller.

Cordata 386sx. This was my second oldest brother's main computer. Came with dos 4.01. I remember playing Railroad tycoon for hours on this machine. It would bring back fond memories to locate one of these. My brother sold it off at a garage sale in the late 90s.

Packard Bell legend 316sx. This was my first PC. I got it for free from a local mom and pop computer repair shop as non functional. Turned out the dip switch on the motherboard was set to an external video card. The power supply died on it and was relegated to the recycler back in 96.

If anyone has one of these units or has a lead on one I would be very grateful to purchase it. I am in Cleveland, OH but would be glad to travel anywhere to pickup or have the machine shipped.

Thank you for your time,