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Thread: C compilers - were there any between the first one (Unix) and the CP/M ones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck(G) View Post
    Document says 1983, so after CP/M's heyday, no?
    CP/M Plus was released in 1983 according to Wikipedia. UK company Amstrad (Alan M. Sugar Trading) made some computer systems (the CPC range, followed by the PCW range). Disk Based CPCs with 64kb had CP/M v2.2 (or CP/M-80), with the 128Kb 6128 getting CP/M Plus. This followed on with the PCW computers in 1986 which was designed to be a business machine and loaded CP/M Plus as standard.

    I heard some stories about Amstrad marketing the 6128 in the US, though wasn't popular enough compared to the UK/European market.

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    I did ones write "game of life" on a PDP11, back in 1977


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