Hello everyone,

I know we are all suffering at the moment but a UK charity that is very dear to my heart has started a fundraiser to try and get it through these troubled times and hang on until it can open its doors to the public again when the Covid-19 lockdown is over.

The Retro Computer Museum is a small museum in the heart of the Midlands here in the UK. It is a registered charity and is staffed entirely by volunteers (myself included) and is funded by donations and entrance fees.

It aims not only to show people the history of computers but to let them get their hands on them and experience for themselves what using this aged machines is like. There are very few sealed cabinets. Almost every system is there to be used.

As you can imagine, the rent needs to be payed whether people are coming to visit or now and the museum is now under serious pressure.

They have started a fundraiser on JustGiving...

As 100% of our funding is generated through our admission fees and donations, the closure of the museum due to the Covid-19 situation has put the future of the museum at significant risk.

Every penny that we receive from this campaign will be solely used to pay our facilities costs and keep the museum and its contents safe and secure until we can reopen and welcome you through our doors once again.
As I said, I know we are all under strain at the moment but if you are able to help, that would be great and truly appreciated.

Thank you,