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Thread: IBM 5162 / 5170 and XUB

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    I'm not surprised by that outcome - but just to reiterate: the latest release of XUB works fine with the original IBM BIOS if you use a 16-bit IDE card, correct?
    Yes correct, My 5162 is working well with the Original IBM 5162 BIOS, XUB R602 and 16-bit IDE / Floppy controller, I'll be keeping the Original IBM Bios in from now on. I have not tested the same in my 5170 as it currently has a dead PSU. It's a bit of a puzzler as when i tested way back i got the Errors and corruption, The only thing i can think of that changed since then and now is the XUB revision.

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    I pulled out a 5170 type 1 Mobo with 256k onboard and original BIOS ROMS 1/10/84, I used XUB R602 and tested with my XT-IDE R2 and R4 cards and I also tested with my 16-Bit IDE / Floppy controllers I could not access any Hard drive, Spinning rust / CF or SD card in adapters Using either the XT-IDE or the 16-bit controllers, With the AMI BIOS it all worked fine.

    I upgraded to the second version of the IBM 5170 BIOS 6/10/85, It was a no go using the R2 / R4 XT-IDE cards but my 16-bit IDE / Floppy controllers worked with the second IBM Bios, I ran Disktest Mediatest with no problems, I did no more testing.


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