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Thread: IBM 9518 Color Monitor

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    I have an IBM model 9518 monitor that I am selling. This is a working unit and the color looks pretty good. I have tested this monitor on a 386 computer running Windows XP PRO. To get it to display properly, I had to run it at 60 Hertz with a 800 x 600 resolution on this O/S (with a 96 dpi). This monitor needs very specific Hz and resolution settings to work. I suggest looking up the technical specs on this monitor to see if it will work with your computer/OS. There is no manufacturing date on this monitor, but I believe they were made from about '88 to '91. The S/N is 2362112. This is a very unique monitor and will likely find someone who specializes in these monitors who will be interested. Let me know if you need any more details. This is a heavy monitor
    I'm asking $40 plus postage. Postage determined by where a buyer may live. I may be able to delivery at a nominal cost for people living in the Denver area.
    Please contact me and I'll send along some photos, my files are to large to upload here.

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    A 386 running a version of Windows XP?

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    Announcement Number 192-229 IBM 9518 COLOR DISPLAY dated September 21, 1992

    9518 Color Monitor - Technical Specifications
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