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Thread: [HELP] I loaded MacOS9.2 (I think)on my ImacG3,now when I boot it shows folder icons

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    Default [HELP] I loaded MacOS9.2 (I think)on my ImacG3,now when I boot it shows folder icons

    I got an Imac G3 to upgrade and was trying to connect it to Wifi via ethernet and then I found the OS discs setting in settings and found that I can boot it in MacOS 9.2
    and it showed that last time in that OS they didn't close it properly so it was attempting a folder check, but the progress bar was not going anywhere so I unwillingly cliced x and it booted with no programs.Trying tog get back into OS X, I turned it off and on and now it only shows folders with icons when it tries to boot. Also, I do not have the boot disks! How can I get it back to MacOS X. Whilst you're at it, how do I connect it to wifi via ethernet?

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    here is a link to what the screen shows:

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    The "folder" icon means that the machine can't find a valid boot volume, so you probably hosed your OS installs.

    Mac OS 9.2x is not designed to be a standalone OS, it's designed to be used with the "classic environment" feature on Mac OS X on macs with a G4 processor. It will work on a G3 processor, but it is slower than 9.1 and doesn't provide any additional useful features for older Macs.

    Depending on which iMac G3 you had, you'll either need to source a Mac OS X 10.3.9 or 10.4.11 installation CD.

    As for connecting the Mac to Wifi, many of the later models had built in Airport cards, but only supported WEP encryption, requiring an older Wifi router to work. As for connecting an Ethernet only Mac to Wifi, you can either use an older USB Wifi adapter compatible with PowerPC Macs, or try a WAP in bridge mode to connect to the Wifi router and an ethernet cable between the Mac and the WAP.

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    I did this once. If the drive didn't die you may be able to boot into an OS in openfirmware by holding the option(alt) key when powering it on just hold it as you hit the power button and don't let go until the boot picker loads. Sometimes when switching between OS 9 and OSX you may need to "rebless" the OS. You would need a recovery CD, but a quick google for the Macintosh garden and about reblessing should lead you to a solution. The garden is how I repaired the plethora of PowerPCs I have


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