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Thread: A New FPGA 80286 S100 bus Single Board Computer.

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    Wink A New FPGA 80286 S100 bus Single Board Computer.

    I am delighted to announce an S100 Bus FPGA 80286 Single Board Computer.
    I have to say this board turned out to be far more difficult to make than I expected. It took some 6 prototypes and 3 months of work. I totally underestimated the very tight timing issues of an 80286 CPU, an 82288 Bus controller and interrupts with an 8259A.

    Anyway, the board is now working solid at 10MHz. Currently its running with out of the box Microsoft's MSDOS (V4.01) and our S100 Bus IDE/CF card. There are two SD Card slots on the board (but I have not done the FPGA code yet to run these). The board is quite similar to our Z80 FPGA SBC.

    The board is now open for "orders" of bare boards. The usual process I think most members here know about. Reply to this post stating how many boards you would like. They will run (I'm guessing) $20-$25 a board depending on numbers and import taxes. etc. Do not e-mail me directly.

    See here for a description of the board:-

    John Monahan

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    Wow, What an amazing project !

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    that's really dang cool

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    Wow as someone just starting out designing simple 8 bit computers and trying to get started with FPGA, I greatly appreciate the time you spent sharing all of this information about your project.

    It's going right to paper and into my electronics binder.

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