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Thread: Philips :YES

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    The page looks very nice, thank you for the work.
    I will be extremely busy until summer, so won't have much time to play with the system, but some information you might want to add:

    The main board consists of mostly standard logic, the only higher logic ICs on my system are:
    - 80186
    - WD2793A
    - P8256AH
    - HD46505SP
    - 27256 (two chips)
    - 2764 (one chip)

    The P8256AH (MUART) is connected to the DIN connector.

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    Jumping directly into the BDOS (either F000:0 or F000:40, no difference) shows the boot screen,
    asking for a boot floppy. Seems to me as if DOS Plus is only used as a bootloader.

    I haven't found a way to get a command line, which would have been really nice.
    Do you have any idea?

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    You need the DOS Plus 1.1 boot floppy, which has CCP.CMD on it. Without it you've got the DOS Plus BDOS in ROM, but no command processor.

    Thanks for the chipset information, by the way - that's filled in a few gaps relating to how the :YES handles serial ports.

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    I didn't know that the included BDOS did not have a CCP. That makes the integrated support less useful, since one still needs a boot floppy.

    The Professional Expansion Board is made of pure standard logic, I did not see any special ICs. It also contains both the SASI and mouse (DB-9 female) connector, and is therefore required for mouse support. It seems to be a bus mouse interface (since all logic is 5V), but I don't have a compatible mouse.

    If you want to know anything specific, please tell me.

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    Regarding the floppy issues, I can now confirm that Gotek emulators work well (using FlashFloppy in Shugart mode).

    Also, I have attached a tool which receives a raw floppy image on the serial port (XMODEM on COM1, 9600n8 ) and writes it directly to a preformatted floppy (first drive). It works fine on the :YES, but should work fine on any XT-class machine. Please don't judge the code too harshly.
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