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Thread: Can someone good at Algebra help with mix ratio of lawn weed killer?

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    Default Can someone good at Algebra help with mix ratio of lawn weed killer?

    Mixing up some Trimec for my lawn dandelions, I once figured out how to do it, wrote it down, and it has since gotten to the point I can't read it anymore.

    What I have is this siphon sprayer for the hose which mixes at a 16:1 ratio.

    Then I dilute the Trimec in a 5 gallon pail with water and spray it with the siphon sprayer which dilutes it more. It has worked well in the past, however I cannot for the life of me remember the percentage I diluted the Trimec and water to in the pail.

    The end result out the end of the hose needs to be 1oz Trimec to 2 Gallons water.

    Is the given information enough to form a formula?



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    2 gallons = 256 oz

    End ratio is 1:256

    1/256 / 1/16 = 1/16

    Ratio in the bucket should be 1:16

    If you put 4 gallons of water in the bucket, add 32 oz Trimec

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    The last time I read the dilution instructions on a herbicide, it said to mix it with 100 gallons of water and spray it from an airplane.

    I gave up at that point.

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    An option, if you don't feel like measuring: use the sprayer to create the 1:16 ratio in the bucket.

    Pour straight Trimec into the sprayer, attach the hose and spray it into the bucket to make as much partial-mix as you want.

    Empty any remaining Trimec out of the sprayer bottle, then fill it from the bucket.

    Go kill weeds.


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