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Thread: Holborn 6100 new hard disk

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    Smile Holborn 6100 new hard disk

    Oh bummer, the Quantum Q540 hard disk in my Holborn 6100 let me down.
    So I replaced it with a Fujitsu full height 5.25" drive. Always sad that restored stuff gets
    broken again. So over time you will have some maintenance to do on these old beasts...

    Here I'm copying my games and stuff to the new HD.

    I have to say I have had a few Q540 disks in the past but they
    all fail in a similar way. Once I've opened such a disk and the
    position feedback glass was fallen off... Just bad glue I think.

    I hope to open the old disk in a clean room sometime in the future.
    Maybe it is repairable. But off course you need to reformat the disk then.

    Regards, Roland
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