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Thread: Was given a 386-based system, but am unsure on the exact model

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    I believe this is the battery you've all talked about; hasn't leaked so far but definitely a barrel-style battery. What's the solution to fix this battery before it leaks, replacing it?
    Desolder it, or cut it off with side cutters. It's a ticking time bomb

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    That makes sense then regarding Wolfenstein!

    I have a replacement kit coming in to replace the barrel battery, so soon the barrel battery will be gone and replaced with a CR2032

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    I believe his question was what to replace it with.

    What I was planning on doing on a similar board was soldering in a coin cell battery holder with a low power drop diode to prevent the non-rechargeable battery from getting charge current.

    Any other suggestions?

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    90% of these boards have an external battery header already. No need for adding diodes and such, just plug in a 4.5v or 6v (depending on the board) primary into the header and go


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