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Thread: Tandy 1000 Keyboard Adapter Reproduction

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    why not move to something more modern for this? I have build a USB adapter for my Fluke 9100 test gear that had a custom interface, maybe the same could be done here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ki4swy View Post
    why not move to something more modern for this? I have build a USB adapter for my Fluke 9100 test gear that had a custom interface, maybe the same could be done here?
    Sure! Go for it! I am positive that it can be done, but I do not have any experience programming microcontrollers to do the job. I figured that since a product already exists, I did not need to reinvent the wheel here.

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    So, I have not yet "given up" on this reproduction, but it is currently on the back burner at the moment...

    In the meantime, it looks like Scott Baker published a design for some PS2 to Tandy adapters late last month. I laid out a variant of it which is quite a bit smaller and is designed to be basically an adapter cable. I am planning on putting some heatshrink around the PCB and just using it as is.

    I finished building my initial version yesterday and it works great. I already modified the layout to be slightly smaller (20x50mm) and incorporates the holes for mounting the cable (I had forgotten them and had to drill them myself here)


    It does require different wiring between the 1000/A/HD and the SX/TX. Scott used a couple of jumpers and a male-to-male DIN cable to get around this.. I figure the cable can just be made for one or the other. I only have a 1000A, so mine is wired up for that.

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    I'd love to try this on a SL2. The SL2 could use Tandy 1000 keyboards, and it would be cool to prove it works on a SL/SL2/SLE. Do you have any extra boards, parts, etc?

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    The revised version of the PCB just shipped today, I should have them early next week.

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    The new version has arrived, and is a good amount smaller than my first. I whipped one together and it works well. I just need to find a source of DIN7 cables that have consistent wire colors, as each and every cable I have has a different pattern. I also need to pick up some heat shrink large enough to fit around the board.


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    That is so awesome! I will have to take a closer look at the project. I've been dreaming of something like this for a while now, but have never made the time to really attempt to make it happen. So glad to see someone has finally made the project come to fruition...and looks like a very simple an inexpensive project to make it happen. I'll have to give it a shot!

    Thanks for sharing the info!


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    How about a version with:

    1. 7 Pin DIN jack on board, instead of solder pads for a cable
    2. PS2 Jack onboard
    3. XT to AT protocol conversion on board (Without modifying ROM etc, just add the converter circuit etc
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    I have not put a lot of time into either of these adapters for a bit.. I sort of burned myself out on my electronic projects early on in the COVID lockdowns and needed a break. That said, I am starting to make progress on them again.

    I hope to have the "spit and polish" figured out on the PS2 inline adapter here in the next few days.. then I will be ready to start selling them.


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