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Thread: For owners of these Leading Edge / Olivetti / Sanyo / Amstrad models

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    Default For owners of these Leading Edge / Olivetti / Sanyo / Amstrad models

    If you have one of these (in working order):

    - Leading Edge Model D (with a color and/or mono monitor)
    - Olivetti M15 / M15-Plus
    - Olivetti M211v / M316
    - Sanyo MBC-775
    - Sanyo MBC-16
    - Amstrad ALT-286

    ...then I'd like to kindly request your help with a project that I'm working on.

    Your mission, if you choose to accept it, only consists of: (1) running a specific DOS program on the machine (it's tiny enough, can be entered w/DEBUG), and (2) taking a good close-up photo of the monitor showing the output.

    If that sounds workable, your help would be appreciated - let me know! :: :: :: blog

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    Well, the Olivetti M316 is accounted for - thanks go to the helpful contributor. Data from the others is still welcome.

    Since I cannot edit the first post, I should note that some other Sanyo PC compatibles would work as well (MBC-670, -885, -990... though not the earlier semi-compatible MBC-5xx).

    If you're wondering what this is all about, this is the project I mentioned. A long-overdue update is in the works, so I'm collecting bitmap typography samples from yet more PC compatible machines.
    At best, this is probably tangential to the interests of most of you here - but it's my own way of preserving a (small but distinctive) part of the vintage PC experience for the 'modern world', so any contributions are always appreciated. :: :: :: blog

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    Leading Edge Model D is more or less done, too. (Monochrome anyway- the source for the 8x8 color charset wasn't 100%, so a better one might be nice.)

    Thanks guys, keep 'em coming! :: :: :: blog


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