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Thread: SupersPORT SX: "+++ ERROR: Timer interrupt failure!+++ ", other general questions

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    Default SupersPORT SX: "+++ ERROR: Timer interrupt failure!+++ ", other general questions

    So, I've got a parts sPORT SX. It's likely going to be a parts machine for another one up on eBay auction I've got eyes on since it's in pretty rough shape, but there's nonzero odds I'm in it for the long term on this one if that doesn't pan out. Thus, I've got a few questions for anyone who might know a thing or two:

    First and foremost, The PSU board definitely needs a recap going off my own experiences with older models, others' experiences, power issues (including intermittent power and backlighting), and the fact that something's emitting the usual "Radial's spilled it's guts" B.O. smell, but it looks like there's some on the motherboard that might need attention too even if nothing's wrong and nothing's obviously awry with them. Should I plan to replace them?

    Secondly, the machine fails to pass POST with a "+++ ERROR: Timer interrupt failure! +++". I couldn't find a sPORT SX manual specifically, but Zenith's BIOS seems to have not changed much and the service books for the Zenith Z-150 and 200 have this to say:
    Quote Originally Posted by Z150 Service Manual
    This error message indicates the possible failure of the interrupt control and/or timer logic in the CPU circuitry. Refer to Chapter 2 and make sure all DIP switches and jumpers are correctly set for the options that are connected to the computer. Also make sure all optional boards are set up properly. If that does not correct the problem, replace the CPU/memory card.
    Quote Originally Posted by Z200 Service Manual
    "This message indicates that the timing logic on the I/O card may have failed. Make sure that the card is properly seated and set up for the options installed. Also, check that all optional cards are set up correctly."
    Anyone know about this exact case and what I might try to fix the issue? Is this something that could be caused or aggravated by the former cap issues?

    Third: Though the machine seems to take power off a nonstandard three pin header (albiet not carrying unusual voltages), the HDD taken seems to be the usual 40-pin IDE and the stock Conner Peripherals 120MB drive has left the building. Anyone have any luck swapping in a IDE DOM or a cF card? The BIOS seems to work off fixed types so within those confines I can't think of any potential issues, but it probably doesn't hurt to ask anyways.

    And lastly, in case I work through the first three: Zenith's battery design seems to have remained pretty constant across the line, too. Anyone able to chime in on how well a recell's worked out?
    General Failure Reading Drive C -
    Abort, Retry, Ignore?

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    Hello there, I also have an old Zenith Data Systems "laptop" with the Timer Interrupt Error. Have you managed to get to the root cause of the problem and get a fix?

    Unfortunately I'm still chasing my tail on this one, and not competent to get stuck in to the fine details. Keen to learn though. Appreciate any hints or tips that you might have.

    If you are interested, you can see the discussion and help on a couple of forums relating to this quest. Here's the links:



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