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Thread: Tandy XENIX v3.3

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    Default Tandy XENIX v3.3

    Tandy XENIX v3.3 is now available!

    It's a single disk upgrade package that you should install over an existing Tandy XENIX 3.2 system. This upgrade was never officially released by Tandy Systems Design.

    Some of the major features included are virtual consoles and built-in MC68010 support.

    Let's use this thread to discuss the new features as we discover and experiment with them.

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    Oh, wow this is nice pski! I'm playing with it now using the trs80gp emulator. It's working great!

    Now we just need to find a nice games disk to install .

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    IV, try these: I think you might recognize them.

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    Yeah! OMG. I do. They even use our old games UID/GID. Heh. Thank you SO much!

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    How did you get these files? There must be a story about that. Why was it never released?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twospruces View Post
    How did you get these files? There must be a story about that. Why was it never released?
    The files were obtained in the trove of software that was recently purchased from the Frank Durda IV estate.

    The story goes that certain people in Tandy were actively looking to kill the 6000 so they did not want to do anything to prolong its lifespan. Remember, Tandy was selling x86 based machines that could run XENIX at this time, such as the 4000, that were competing in the same market as the 6000. Even the XENIX 3.2 release took a lot of effort by the 68000 proponents, like Frank Durda, to get approval to get out the door. Frank details a lot of this conflict in his usenet postings in comp.sys.tandy.

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    I connected up a T2K keyboard last night and after enabling the ttycX ttys virtual consoles do indeed work in 3.3! It enhances usability at the console by 10 and is a real shame shame such a huge feature never had wide spread distribution until now. How did you guys ever live without it?!

    To use it all one needs to do is install the 3.3 upgrade, modify a Tandy 2000 or 1000 keyboard as described here, then from single user mode disable the console tty, enable the ttyc0-9 devices by typing disable console, enable ttyc1, enable ttyc2, etc and reboot. After the Xenix will start a getty process for the new tty's.

    Once you plug the new keyboard in and reboot z80ctl detects it when a key is pressed at the boot prompt and you'll see an asterisk in the upper right hand corner of the screen while the kernel loads. Once Xenix is up you can switch between the consoles using ALT-0 through ALT-9.

    Finally by default the con driver has 4 screens enabled but supports up to 10. You can enable more by typing "cfg screens=10" from the shell as root and rebooting.

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    Yeah, the virtual consoles were pretty indispensable after you had them. I really miss 'em.

    One trick we used to do was not enable ttyc0, and add this to the end of /etc/rc:
    tail -30f /usr/adm/messages > /dev/ttyc0

    Then, you could hit ALT-F10 and see the last error messages logged to /usr/adm/messages.

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    Ps. Way to go!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlightman View Post
    Once Xenix is up you can switch between the consoles using ALT-0 through ALT-9.
    Wait, I just noticed this part. All this time, I remembered switching was ALT-Fn. You're saying it was actually ALT-1 through ALT-0?

    BTW, the first (and default) virtual console is ttyc1, not ttyc0 as you might think.


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