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Thread: Paint matching for a PDP8/e

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    Quote Originally Posted by firedome View Post
    Interesting... I'd describe the 8/e faceplate perimeter frame as off-white, and don't see it there in the chart.
    I thought it might be "MUN 9.5", which DEC called "White". It's actually a 95% white shade of grey, I believe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dondi View Post
    Apparently you can get MUN color matched paint at:

    I bought three spray cans of the MUN 9.5 paint from this vendor. It wasn't horribly expensive, and shipped in about a week. I repainted three PDP-8/a programmer's panels today with this paint. I used a Scotchbrite pad to smooth chips and roughen the surface of the original paint. All three panels were pretty dark from years of use with dirty hands. The spray paint seemed a little too white compared to the original color, but that may have been lots of embedded dirt in the original paint. The surface of the original paint had a slight texture. I tried not to sand smooth the original texture. I sprayed from a distance of about 18", farther than the recommended 8"-10", in order to keep some of the original texture. In any case, they look very nice now. Once the paint drys for a few days I will glue the display overlay in place and reassemble the circuit boards.
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