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Thread: Uh... hi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tipc View Post
    Not in the refrigerator?
    Unless you plan on making them NOT delicious.. They wont last long enough to need refrigeration (as in they would all be eaten).

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomcatmwi View Post
    Hello there. A Hungarian living in Montréal, Canada chiming in.(
    Hello and welcome! I am 60 miles south of you in Plattsburgh.

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    Right, so we have a nice baking forum here now. It's still lockdown after all.

    No, you don't put beigli into the fridge, at least I've never seen anyone doing it. But who am I to tell you how to live your life?

    As for the origins, this pastry is very well known in most East European countries. Wikipedia claims it's of Polish origins. I wasn't there, so... Nevertheless we have an odd habit of putting poppy seeds on everything. Pasta, for example. Every kid loves pasta with ground poppy seeds and icing sugar. Not even school cooks could screw that up.


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