Picked this up off of eBay. It's a late-model Compaq SLT/286, made in 1990. Didn't have this variation.


Already got the clock chip mod done and restored the hard drive (original 40MB Conner CP-3041). Had to clean up/replace the melted seal, and also tend to the melted rubber bumpers inside the drive. Works great now.

This one is sporting the 1989 revision system board, which is very cool since that's the only one I didn't have yet. Didn't think to snap a pic while it was apart, but it says "Copyright 1988, 89 COMPAQ" on it.

Here was the first little surprise I got.


That's the 2nd serial interface option! Been after that for years. Very hard to come by. It's really handy to be able to just plug a mouse in the side.

Here was the second surprise.


This thing has 6.6MB of RAM! It has two of the standard 1MB boards in it, and a 4MB board! Those are extremely hard to come by. It's an original Compaq part too.

All-in-all, I'm extremely happy with this unit. Really could not have been better. And yes, this is my 6th SLT!