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Thread: Love err… Vintage Restoration of an AMI Enterprise III in the Time of Corona

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Lord View Post
    Good to know. Did LibreOffice show the images in the WP 5.1 file?
    Checking... yes, it does.

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    O.k. so my other source also fizzled out and given this was AMI tech support I am pretty confident in saying that the 063093 BIOS is probably the last surviving revision of this BIOS. The gentleman in tech was very helpful and did it a complete search of their archives as well as the FTP (which is now only for internal use - something to do with an ISO certification) and found two copies of the same 063093 BIOS and other files we already have in the mirror - including his own personal archives of the files. He even got me in touch with one of the VPs at AMI who was the original HW engineer on the board and he could not recall any more details either or if in fact there was a later revision of the BIOS. The original BIOS designer unfortunately had a stroke and is no longer with AMI.

    Also found a nice Byte article (courtesy of NJRoadfan on Vogons) showing prices and interestingly only 8/16 memory slots filled. This was a ridiculously expensive mother board....
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