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Thread: Compaq Portable EGA card on eBay

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    Default Compaq Portable EGA card on eBay

    I'm not the seller but a do have a saved search for the assembly number and I just saw it pop up on eBay

    I have one of these catds and I can confirm that this is the assembly number and name of the card

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    Man, for a $145, you'd think they could have included a picture.

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    I assume these are compatible with the built-in monitor. I'm tempted, though the listing's shipping cost of "varies" is disappointing, considering ebay offers simple tools for estimating shipping, and a small flat-rate box could easily send this. Semiotically the seller's message is "I can't be bothered, but I assure you it is great, give me your money."

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    They are, but follow this thread:

    I'd definitely make an offer for a whole lot less than $145 first, though.

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    I V20'd my CP and added a FlashFloppy Gotek, and just ordered a Texelec keyboard overhaul set, so the ol' girl is starting to show signs of life. Oh, and it came home from the thrift store with an AST six-pack and a hardcard.

    EDIT: I apologize, the seller does have a shipping calculator link. The seller has good feedback. I was going to make an offer, but realized I have no idea what my ebay login might be. "Polis... something?"
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    That same seller has a sh!t ton of MFM hard drives too. All grossly overpriced, just as the EGA cards above.

    I’d be sold at $75 or less on one of the EGA cards. Would probably go in my portable II. Could be worth a try to make an offer, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. I’ve found sellers like this generally have very little wiggle room.

    I suspect they mostly have the best offer option for bulk orders, if you were actually insane enough to do so, because even then, I doubt they’d knock much off.
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    That seller listed 50,000 items in a very short period of time; all have high prices with no images, but there are a number of hard to find components listed. I asked for a photograph of one component I am somewhat interested in (in spite of the high price) and received the following:

    Dear Customer,
    Recently we posted many vintage items that we just acquired. We know that there is great demand for these items, but unfortunately our vendor did not provide us with very many images of the parts. We understand that having photos is the key to selling vintage items, but we acquired over 50,000 parts and unfortunately are behind on posting images. We are doing all we can to post images but demand is very high and we are way behind. Please don't hesitate to send requests for images and item details and we will do out best to provide them as soon as we can. Please forgive us for the inconvenience.
    Alex Kaydanov

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    They should be taking pictures before they list the items in my opinion. Would take longer, but, considering the exceedingly high prices, it’s the least they could do.

    Either way, I won’t be buying anything from them unless the prices get real. And since they seem to think people are beating the doors down to get their items, I have a feeling they wouldn’t take much less either.

    They are acting like there is so much demand they can’t keep up. Kinda ridiculous if you ask me. At the prices they are asking, I imagine they have sold very little of what they have listed so far.
    Compaq - “It simply works better”

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    There are bunch here for about $70 shipped.

    It looks like they have deskpro brackets instead of portable brackets but that shouldn’t be a show stopper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jafir View Post
    There are bunch here for about $70 shipped.

    It looks like they have deskpro brackets instead of portable brackets but that shouldn’t be a show stopper.
    I've ordered one of these, I'll see how well it works in my Portable II.

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