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Thread: WTB - PS/2 Model 80 Floppy/Diskette Drive

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    Default WTB - PS/2 Model 80 Floppy/Diskette Drive

    So I have a Model 80 that is in desperate need of new diskette drive as the one in it has succumb to the capacitor plague. I've already tried repairing it and two other drives and failed miserably each time, so, rather than buy another probably dead one from eBay I thought I'd check and see if anyone on here has one they can't part with.

    I'd prefer a Sony or Toshiba, but I'll take anything as long as it works. I'd also prefer the older card-edge style as that's what my system came with, but of you have a newer style drive with a spare cable then that would also work. I just really want to get this system running again.

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    Are you looking for a standard 3.5 " 1.44 MB floppy drive. Or an IBM only type?


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