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Thread: Looking for info on a old HP Server

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    Default Looking for info on a old HP Server

    It's a HP NetServer 5/133 LH All I know is that some people have been able to install linux on these things, I'm not sure why they'd want to do this but I'd like to know if they can do any thing cool with them.

    Also wondering if there are any collectors on here.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    What do you want to know about it? I know the slightly earlier Netserver LH's are based on the Intel xpress platform IIRC. Drivers manuals were on, failing that try on

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    Hi thanks for the reply!

    Right now I'm interested in knowing if any one here has ever worked with one of these also I would like to know hoe much they tend to go for I checked ebay but no luck.

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    LHs are the more popular ones as well right?


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