I have 2 Philips P3120 computers (XT class machines) here both with a Western Digital WD-93028-X 20MB hard drive.


I assume this is one of those XT-IDE interface drives (seems to use a standard IDE cable but I don't think the controller will work with standard IDE drives).

The hard drives appear to be dead .... the systems boot up with a Hard Drive Not Ready message. I can boot from floppy however.
Initially the drives weren't even spinning when I started the computer, but when I gave them a little nudge they started spinning.

On one computer, sometimes the hard drives says "Ready", and I can see the partition using fdisk, but a dir c: gives me data errors and I can't get a listing.

Now I haven't been able to find much information on the Philips P3120 (manuals / setup app / jumper settings) so not really sure what I can do in terms of setup.
I am also guessing my storage options will be limited to disabling the onboard controller and using some kind of XT-IDE adapter solution with the universal bios ?
Any hopes of trying to revive the old hard drive might be a bit naive ?