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Thread: Rummage Sale IBM380XD needs new home

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    Default Rummage Sale IBM380XD needs new home

    Here is an IBM ThinkPad 380XD Pentium II laptop I picked out of a rummage sale a couple years ago. This is ready for a new user to work and play with. I have at most $50 in it; just want any ‘buyer’ to cover cost of shipping ~10lbs. Please reply with questions, interest, offers here.

    Processor: Intel Pentium 233 MMX
    RAM 64Mb total - 32Mb on board
    HDD 4Gb 2.5”
    Removable Media Sanyo CRD 372B UltraBay – CD-ROM/1.44FDD Combination Drive, 24X/9.3X read speeds for CD-ROM/CD-RW -working
    Ports PS/2 Mouse,VGA out, Serial, Parallel, Headphone/Speaker jack, Microphone Jack, IrDA infa-red - all untested
    PCMCIA socket x2 working
    USB 1.1 x1 working – updated to USB-2
    Display NeoMagic MagicGraph 128X –2Mb on board, 12.1” diag. HPA with 800x600 resolution
    Sound Cirrus Logics – Crystal Technologies CS4237B on board, Stereo Speakers, w/ Sub-Woofer! Hardware volume control is on the left side!
    Power Adapter 100-240V input 16V 4.5A output (included).
    Battery The original battery is still installed though it does not hold a charge. Replacements can be found, $32 - $80, no secondary battery so far as I know. The CMOS battery has not been updated but it is holding fine.
    Wi-Fi TP-Link TL-WN610G PCMIA CardBus adaptor -2.4GHz 802.11g/b 109Mbps working.
    ( - specs like this except Office 97)

    This ThinkPad comes with Win98SE/ME updated through an “unofficial Service PackIII” IBM documentation says that it will run XP but the consensus on several forums is that XP needs more resources than are really available, so it is painfully slow. Somewhere in the documentation is a warning to never try Win NT 4.0 – it will do evil things to the hardware. I have seen screenshots on the web showing Win2000 Pro running on similar machines. The BIOS is updated to the latest version such that it will handle Win 2K according to the BIOS change logs. Also added IBM’s Configuration Tools for this. After Dark screensaver engine is added and a driver to read NTFS for USB sticks formatted that way.

    The power brick is included and three PCMCIA cards I have for it. The first is a modem I didn’t bother to figure out, a Cisco Aironet 340 b-band Wifi card and a better TP-Link b/g band Wifi card(54mps!!). The TP-Link has better documentation and sweet set-up suite already loaded. Just open it on the desktop and set it to discover your network then set your WPA password. I found a couple of fairly capable browsers(?), see K-Meleon on the desktop. You’ll be able to game across the LAN or the Internet if you like. I haven’t tried it, but I’d set up Vogon’s WebOne ‘proxy for old browsers’ first. (

    An unpowered USB hub(not included) is handy to extend the USB for a USB mouse and USB Flash drives. It reads a 64Gb thumb without a hiccup but wouldn’t mount a portable HDD; lacking a suitable driver.

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    You forgot the most interesting thing: location? As in: where in the world are you and this item located?

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    Depending on location I may be interested!

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    Retrozilla might be a more modern and usable browser, although requirements are possibly steeper. How was it 'updated' to usb 2? I have a USB 1.1 port on an old dell laptop which can read thumbdrives with some vogons update help but only at 1.1 speeds.

    As above, I may be interested depending on location.

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    I messages the op days ago w/no reply. Maybe it's sold (donated?).

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    New person as well, so...
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    Default 20200521 JRW update

    G'day VCF!

    TPIC - Sorry no-one got back to you, I don't see a message from you user ID(or any others') before 20200520. The laptop is still 'up for grabs'. I thought it might find an appreciative user here.

    Retro-PC_user - yeah, same here, I'm new to the forums. I've been fooling around with PCs since the late '90's though.

    Tingo and Milkmanv1, the machine and I are in Richmond, Virginia. I can ship it anywhere it needs to go.

    Bifo86 - thanks for the tip - I'll look into Retrozilla, also I 'updated' the USB drivers from a generic 2.0 set I found on the web. The base Win98 wouldn't deal with a USB mouse or thumb drives made after 2001. The newer drivers allow me to use the mouse and flash drives all hanging from an unpowered hub. I don't know if it gets the 2.0 speeds, likely not. The Win98 SE/ME Service Pack III likely has the same or better drivers, I didn't think to check if it updated.

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    G'day, VCF!

    TPIC - Sorry no-one got back to you earlier. I don't see a post from your userID (or any others') before 20200520. The IBM380XD is still 'up for grabs'.

    Retro-pc_user - same here, I'm new to these forums too. I have been fooling around with PCs as a hobby since the late '90's though.

    Tingo and Milkmanv1 et. al. - sorry for the newby omission - the laptop and I are in Richmond, VA. It can ship anywhere though.

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    Default IBM380XD updates

    Thanks for the tip, Bifo86

    I will look into Retrozilla. Also, I found a generic USB driver update to 2.0 on the web. The base Win98 wouldn't let me use a USB mouse or read a thumb drive made after 2000. After install I could use the mouse and any flash drive hanging off an unpowered hub. I didn't think to check on transfer speeds, seems quick enough. The Win98 SE/ME Service Pack III likely has better drives too, would need to check to see if it updated from that.

    All the software updates are included on the machine as well as the Field Service Manual from IBM. I also made a Ghost back-up of the system and put it on a CD. It won't boot from the USB and it'll boot from the Win98 install CD. I tried ever so to get the back-up to boot but it still requires a floppy to start. I'll include the floppy with the CD backup and I made a tutorial in case this lands with someone who can use that.

    I cleaned up the stickers and much of the sticky from the wrist rest. I'll leave it to someone else to figure out whether to try and passivate with corn-starch or dissolve the rubber with acetone.

    I will try a post with pictures attached.

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    Default IBM380XD photos

    Here attached are photos of the laptop running Win98.
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