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Thread: Apple II ROM card?

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    I picked up a barn find Apple ][ on Craigslist a year or so ago. It cleaned up pretty nicely. Has a few issues I'm working on, but wondering if someone can give me some info on this ROM card. It came in the A2 when I got it. When installed with the switch up, it boots to integer Basic. I noticed there are two ROM sockets on the A2 motherboard that are not populated. Was this card standard in all early Apple ][ machines? Were those open ROM sockets on the motherboard common?

    Does anyone have a manual or more information on this card? I have not been able to find too much online.



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    Pretty simple - you have AppleSoft ROMs on the ROM card probably with an autoboot monitor and Integer BASIC on the motherboard, The 2 empty sockets are normal for a system with Integer BASIC, though Apple did offer a ROM with some extra features that you will sometimes find in D0.

    The switch controls which bank of ROMs are enabled after reset, though they can be switched with software afterward.

    Find the Apple AppleSoft reference manual book, AKA "the blue book" or Sather's Understanding the Apple II for documentation.

    Mike Willegal

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    Thanks Mike. This was helpful. Forgive my ignorance but a few more questions. Was this card required on early Apple ][ machines? If it's not installed, should Integer Basic on the motherboard boot? When I remove the card, the machine does not boot..just a blank screen. If the switch on the ROM card is down, it does boot to the monitor.

    I think I have the blue book and will dig into that a bit.


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    That's odd, I'd expect it to boot without a ROM card in there... unless the matching roms are actually missing from the Mobo... I don't really know the II+ well enough to say more though.
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    That's what I would have thought too, but without the card installed, it doesn't do anything. This is actually an Apple ][...not a ][+.

    Also, does anyone know where the clip/spacer/washer at the bottom of the second picture goes? I completely disassembled this thing for cleaning and always a spare part leftover. I'm usually pretty good about tracking that stuff but not sure where that went.

    Finally, I added a couple more pics.
    This ][ seems to have an aftermarket power supply. Anyone know anything about these? How difficult would it be to source an original power supply.



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    You can always try swapping the ROMs between the logic board and the ROM card.


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