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Thread: Using Total DOS Launcher looking on how to find some of the files

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    Default Using Total DOS Launcher looking on how to find some of the files

    Hi, maybe someone that is familiar to Total DOS Launcher can help me out.
    I never heard about this menu before and sound very promising even more that i see that Trixter is the author of this .

    I have downloaded the distribution 1.4 as a zip for windows on the readme txt it says:
    There are two packages to choose from, depending on how you want to test:

    - A small package with 100 games that takes up less than
    20MB, which can be installed onto any vintage system. These games are
    mostly compatible with earlier PC systems (1981-1985) and are not really
    meant to be run in emulators or fast machines.

    - A large package with over 6100 games that takes up nearly
    2 GiB, which can still be installed onto a vintage system if a 2 gig
    partition exists. These games range from 1981 to 1991.

    Now have searched for this files on github on google on torrent sites etc but can't find the anywhere.
    Someone knows where i can get them ?.


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    I may be wrong but I think you need to have/own the games yourself. The program is just a menu system. Maybe Trixter will chime in and set the record straight.
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