I have just bought a Stlyophone S-1 (for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a pocket synthesizer which you play with a stylus), many famous artists used it, including Bowie in "Space Oddessey".

Seeing as I bought a reproduction model which also has a headphone out, I will be able to hook it up not just to headphones, but also to anything else like mixers, effect pedals, amplifiers. I hear guitar amplifiers work nice with synths, but you just need to be careful about the bass and the master volume, so you don't blow the amp.

Anyways, there's got to be software which can do the same thing as amps and pedals, in terms of effects like distortion, overdrive, reverb, and other things.

Seeing how I like older and vintage computers, I thought using something small like my Thinkpad 380XD in place of a convoluted setup with many pedals, and an amp would be cool.

So I wonder is anyone aware of any specific software like this for Windows 9X, 3.1, or DOS?