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Thread: Replacing a VAXmate Flyback Transformer

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    Default Replacing a VAXmate Flyback Transformer

    I am about as certain as I can be that the flyback transformer from my VAXmate monitor board has failed. The VAXmate one is a Tai-Ho TH-1802B (DEC P/N 16-27188-01) and according the Technical
    Description has a primary voltage of +28V and produces auxiliary voltages as

    +13.1kV @85uA max
    +950V @200uA
    +45V @75mA max
    -100V @1.2mA

    It is hard to find datasheets for the flybacks you see on ebay etc, does anyone know how to identify a possibly compatible replacement (should such a thing exist!)

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    HR Deimen have schematics for their replacement parts but they dont seem to have an equivalent for yours.
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