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Thread: FS: HP NetServer E60 Dual Pentium III Workstation

  1. Default FS: HP NetServer E60 Dual Pentium III Workstation

    Hi all,

    HP NetServer E60

    HP 256W power supply
    2xIntel Pentium III 500MHz Slot 1 processors
    512MB PC100 RAM
    GoTek floppy emulator
    Hitachi CDR-8435 32X IDE CD-ROM drive
    HP branded Fujitsu 9.1GB 7200RPM 68-pin SCSI hard drive
    Quantum Atlas 10K2 36GB 10,000 RPM 68-pin SCSI hard drive
    Windows NT4 Server on 9.1GB HD
    Windows 2000 Pro on 36GB HD
    ATI XPert 2000 Pro 32MB AGP video card
    Turtle Beach Montego II AU8830 A3D PCI sound card
    Onboard HP NetServer LAN
    Onboard HP branded Adaptec AIC-7895 SCSI adapter
    PS/2 ports
    2xUSB 1.1 ports
    2xSerial ports
    Parallel port
    Audio in/out jacks
    Case has some scratches, wear and tear
    Clean inside and out
    Good condition
    New 92mm Arctic F9 PWM rear fan
    New power supply fan
    Original PSU + case fan included as well
    HP NetServer D4950B PS/2 keyboard included (like new)
    Microsoft PS/2 2 button mouse included
    IBM branded 3Dconnexion Spaceball 4000 FLX included (no palmrest)
    512MB USB flash drive included for GoTek floppy emulation
    Slot 1 processor terminator card included


    $220 shipped, US only. No trades please.

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    Hey man, haven't seen you post lately. Beautiful rig! Wish I wasn't downsizing myself or that would be in my collection. Nice price considering it includes shipping.

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    Still available, $180 shipped US only

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    No longer available


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