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Thread: Nevada Edit - whats the latest/most bug free version?

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    Default Nevada Edit - whats the latest/most bug free version?

    For C/M 2.2 on a TRS-80 Model 100:

    I have found 3 versions of Nevada Edit, and they all seem to be a bit buggy.
    3.0(2)  (especially buggy.  may be corrupt)
    Wondering if anyone has a better / newer version they could share?

    NVEDIT is pretty similar to the M100's built-in TEXT editor.
    Actually, come to think of it,
    Is there a good alternative to Nevada Edit? I need screen size adjustability down to 40x8. Suggestions welcome thanks!

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    since Model 100 can drive its own LCD (40 columns) as well as an external CRT (80 columns), nevada edit is a poor choice. NVEDIT truncates lines longer than screen width. that would cause an issue when you change displays!

    I ended up finding VEDIT 1.32 for 8080... took a lot of searching! and I have it configured and running on the M100 now. VEDIT is nice, works well, and is able to move between LCD and CRT with the same files.

    If anyone has a newer VEDIT for 8080 please drop me a note.


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