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Thread: Is it wrong to hot-rod a Model T?

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    I know some people can get absolutely ridiculous with how they treat people when they don't collect 'correctly'

    I bought my wife a $6 VHS, new old stock. One of her favourite movies. I did it so she could re-live opening it. All the little inserted adverts fell out, with some pretty cool stuff. The snap of the plastic clam shell opening for the first time. She is Tactile, so it was all super nostalgic.She posted a video of the opening experience in a fan group for the movie, and one of the fans went.. weird.

    He was telling her how wrong she was, and how dumb it is to open such a thing. How mean we were for opening it and posting it, when there are people in the world who cant afford to have that kind of luxury (again, i told him it was $6.) I told him it was ours, that we bought it... its our choice to open it or not. We choose to experience our collection, not just shelf it and forget it. And that The VHS is like 26% degraded at this point, because the magnetic tape has a short life span. VHS doesn't even have value. They aren't even collectibles to basically anyone.

    He then came back and compared me to exotic animal hunters and posted pictures of dudes murdering lions and elephants...

    He got himself banned from the group.

    I was baffled

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eudimorphodon View Post
    I have little girls in my house, it's either ponies or Pokemon on *everything*.
    Back when the kids were young my wife had a Singer Athena sewing machine that we kept taking back to the dealer for diagnosis: sometimes it worked, sometimes it wouldn't. Finally someone discovered that the kids were sticking magnets on the steel frame and their magnetic fields were blitzing the control electronics.


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    Quote Originally Posted by clh333 View Post
    Back when the kids were young...
    So, the worst mine ever did is when the oldest one was around four and a half she decided that the keyboard of the Chicklet PET 2001 which I had sitting on the game cabinet at the time as a conversation piece, needed some augmenting so she scribbled on some of the keys with a ball point pen. The ink mostly washed off but the ball point dented up the fragile metal inserts inside the chickets, so, well, live and learn, I guess.

    The PET in question was rescued from an abandoned warehouse full of beat up former school computers, didn't work when I got it, and in fact had been refurbished with a Dynamic Board so it's not even really a fully original PET 2001 anyway, so practically speaking nothing was really lost. It was just another fresh set of dings alongside all the others it got sitting in front of kids thirty years earlier. I'd rather have them take an interest than be afraid to touch things.
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    My cousin used to let his kids draw all over his computer monitors (and the walls, and everything else), because they were "being creative", and then spend hours/days scrubbing/repainting.

    I think I can still feel the knot from how hard I head-desked at that.
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